3 marketing facts showing that the way we consume content is changing Wednesday June 17, 2015

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We all know that marketing never sleeps, but these new facts and stats give a great insight into what’s happening with content right now…

1. One in every four online minutes are spent on social media.

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The shift has happened. Social media – not so long ago the niche playground of early adopters and the curious – is now mainstream. So what does this statistic tell us about the changing way in which people consume content? Social media relies on the powerful heading, the punchy one-liner and a content destination strong enough to attract clicks. Online explorers are hungry for content which answers their questions quickly! Another big content driver for social media is opinion. As I blogged recently, User-Generated Content is here to stay. Customer opinion on products and services matters more than ever. Savvy businesses are already using customer feedback to create more connections with their target audience. The message is clear: any company underestimating the impact of social media – and of content within that – is underselling itself.

2. Mobile apps now account for more than half of all time spent on digital media.

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According to this infographic sourcing research by Go-Globe, mobile apps now account for more than half of all time spend on digital media! There’s no doubt that branded content is growing in popularity. This statistic also suggests customers are willing to invest time and energy in the brands they trust. Looks like content will continue to play a key role in nurturing relationships between companies and their audiences for a long time to come! Another message from this statistic is that customers are more and more comfortable using branded channels to access the information they need. Again, great content (both written and visual) is an essential factor in both establishing and maintaining these kinds of connections.

3. Companies with an active blog generate 67% more leads per month.

Blogging is big. It’s been clear for some time that an active blog is an effective lead generator, but this latest statistic shows just how far people have come in actively consuming blog content. Of course, it all depends on the quality of your content, but again the stat speaks loudly: by answering the concerns of your audience, you create trust which then creates buy-in.

The bottom line? The growing appetite for content across different channels is generating interesting new opportunities for proactive businesses.

Camilla Zajac, Green Light Copywriting, June 2015

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