Writing to sell 26 March 2009

Selling. It’s the art of exciting people about the difference you can make to their lives. Yesterday, a friend and business colleague shared something with me. Her latest inspiration is this, from the new book, The Visionary Leader: How To Inspire Success From The Top Down by Susan Bagyura:

“The people who receive the most are the ones who give the most. This is true of individuals, but also for businesses. If the focus is on how can we give the absolute best service, then the profits will follow. If a company is only focused on profits, they miss the big picture and will always be scurrying for business instead of having clients chasing them.”

I think these words sum up the value of great copy in helping businesses to sell their products and services. People need to know what a business can offer them. Selling demands writing that focuses on giving results – not simply grabbing attention. Copy that works transforms the business message “This is what we do.” into “This is what we can do for you.”

Now that is inspiring.

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